Talent Concept

Morality-oriented & People-oriented

Focus on training & Employing director

Meritocracy & Ability-based

Communication & Respect for trust

Note Of Applying

Welcome to Shenzhen Bakon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. website and check the recruitment information. Bakon is in a period of rapid
development, if you are interested in electronic tools and recognized the company’s corporate culture, just contact us for the chance working together.

Problem Consultation

●  Telephone contact: if you are not clear about the recruitment, please contact us according to the
contact information
●  Network information: you could know first about the organizational structure, products, technology, development and corporate culture of Bakon from Bakon’s Website

Resume Transfer

●  By Fax or letter: you can send your cover letter, resume or other information to our HR By fax or letter, the fax number and address you can get easily from our website
●  E-mail: you can also send e-mails to reach our HR, the email we will attach with the recruitment

 Waiting For Reply

●  We will check all the resumes we received and invite the suitable people to next step
●   If your resume is okay, we will submit your resume to demand sector for review
●   We will notice you in 7 days, If not, I guess there is some place that not suitable

Telephone Contact

●  The company will inform the interviewee by telephone or e-mail, including: interview time, travel route, contact person and contact telephone number, as well as the relevant information and documents
●  We will contact you and ask you some question about yourself, which you should honestly answer after we confirm that you suit our require well
●  You should carefully record the contents of the interview notice, immediately ask clearly if you are not clear
●  Note: please bring your identity card, academic certificate, English grade certificate, other proof of the relevant ability of the certificate copy and the original when you are final passed

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