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Why choose us

Here are Our advantages:
1. irect Manufacturer, 19 Years experiences
2. Cooperate with Gree Electric From Year 2012
3. OEM or ODM service provided
4. Fast Delivery Time : Within one week(big quantity 25-30days)
5. Certificate: CE /ISO9001/SGS
6. Strict Quality Control: Pre-test, Casual inspection, – Inspection of finished product
7. Successful export experience: India, South Koera, America, and so on
8. Professional Team: professional clerk deal with your order and require

Why choose Pb-free soldering

There are two reasons that we choose lead-free soldering. Below is it:

1.The nature of Pb and its harm to human:

Lead (lead: Pb), gray metal, melting point of 327.5 ℃, there will be a lot of lead vapor escape while heated to 400 – 500 ℃, and oxidized into oxide Lead with the air then fade around.

The industries, which will involve lead exposure, are mainly lead mining, lead roasting rope and scouring, battery manufacturing, electronic products, welding and electronic components of the lead and other operations. It will make lead poisoning and take harm to human body through the respiratory and digestive tract invasion.

There are 17 kinds of serious harm to human life and the natural environment of one of the chemical substances, Founded by The US Environmental Protection Agency. Often occupational lead poisoning is chronic poisoning, the human nervous system, digestive system and blood system will cause interference and injury, the proposed symptoms of dizziness, headache, fatigue, memory loss, nausea, irritability, appetite Sluggish, abdominal pain, anemia, mental disorders.

2.Trends in lead-free electronics:

With the more attention to human health awareness and global awareness of environmental protection, to minimize the pollution of heavy metals such as lead to environmental pollution and human invasion, Europe and the United States start to carry out the full implementation of lead-free electronic products at July 1st, 2006.

At the same time, China also required no lead contained in the electric products, which is under the key supervision of government.

Therefore, the solder used in electronic welding (solder wire, solder paste, etc) will gradually abandon the traditional tin-lead alloy and use almost pure tin.

The current international standards for lead-free there is no clear and unified definition of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) proposal: electronic assembly with solder lead content should be less than 0.1WT% , But in lead-free solder is usually based on different product requirements, in the tin material and some copper and silver and other metal materials to enhance the tin wire of the active solder joint electrical performance.

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